SharePoint Pitfalls: GUID Formats

SharePoint uses GUIDs extensively. The problem is, it accepts them in different formats, in different locations:

  • The ListId and ListName properties of the DataFormWebPart, feature, site column definitions, solution manifests, all expect a GUID in the {A1ADD3D1-B21F-4F93-9B86-B1FE332424D0} format (inside { });
  • In an Elements.xml file or in a Parameter inside a data source, use B8381C7D-3B8D-46D8-8E40-C96E1FF4C308;
  • In the URL, you need to replace - for %2D, { for %7B and } for %7D, as in %7BA1ADD3D1%2DB21F%2D4F93%2D9B86%2DB1FE332424D0%7D;
  • In feature receivers tokens and in New-SPTrustedSecurityTokenIssuer and the likes, GUIDs have to be in lowercase ($SharePoint.Type.edd0669b-2393-4fe6-988d-17a2De06c6e4.FullName$).


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