SharePoint Pitfalls: Save Publishing Site as Template Option Missing

If you want to save a publishing site as a template, so that it can be used to create other sites, you may find it surprising that the option is missing from the site settings page:


I don’t know exactly why, but publishing sites hide this option, however, it’s not difficult to get around it: just navigate to /_layouts/15/savetmpl.aspx. But, wait, what if you get this?


Easy, easy. Open your site in SharePoint Designer, click Site Options:


and change the value of property SaveSiteAsTemplateEnabled from false to true:


And now you will be able to access savetmpl.aspx and save your site.


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  • But is it supported and are you sure that you will not run into issues half a year from now?

    There is a reason why this feature is disabled.



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