Visual NHibernate

The guys at Slyce Software have released Visual NHibernate Beta. It is still far from final, but it looks promising. You can get it from here, there are also some screenshots.

So far, I have noticed some things missing. There is a discussion going on at the nhusers mailing list about it, but here are my 50 cents, in no particular order:

  • Support for additional databases, starting with Oracle
  • Optional support for generating partial classes
  • Inclusion of the Serializable attribute
  • Support for lazy loading of relational properties
  • Allow specifying non-public setters
  • Configuration of id generators
  • Removal of mapping table from the model, in many-to-many relationships, when there are no additional attributes in the relation
  • Generating composite keys in a new class, instead of having multiple properties

More news in the next days.

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  • Thanks for taking the time to beta-test Visual NHibernate - glad you like it! We will be adding most of the features you have requested within the next few days. The only ones that will take a little longer are:

    * Additional databases: We are planning on adding support for Oracle and MySQL early next year.
    * Generating composite keys: This will be added in the next two weeks.

    Please let us know of any other bugs or features you'd find useful - we love hearing from you!

    Gareth Hayter.
    Slyce Software

  • Just to let you know, support for composite keys has been added in the latest release,

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