VisualBlogger 2004 Beta 3 Released

Just posted the latest public build of VisualBlogger 2004. Lots of changes are packed into this build, and I'll post a changelog later today. I've already updated the home page with new information and screenshots, and I'll be adding more screenshots over the next few days.

Outside of fixing any major issues, this is the last major revision for a while. We're shifting development over to our next product release, ScrollingGrid 2.0. So if you find anything that breaks, let me know.

Oh yeah. I'm working on a list of known issues for this release, but until then, an important note. Don't use keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C) while in HTML View. The HTML edit control that we're using will throw an unhandled exception. I'm trying to figure out why it's intercepting the keystrokes before the application itself does, but I'll track it down for the next build.


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