The week ahead

This upcoming week is shaping up to be one the most memorable in my young life. I'm taking a trip to geek mecca: Microsoft HQ. I get to meet Scott Guthrie, Rob Howard, Don Box, et al. And if that weren't enough, Robert Scoble was kind enough to let me stay at his place. I tell you what, that guy is truly awesome. He didn't even give it a second thought.

It's enough to be overwhelming, but on top of that, I'm going to the weblogger dinner with Sam GentileMike Sax, Joshua Allen, Robert Wlodasomething (his last name is harder than one of my programmers... 'Szczecinski') and others. Can I just take a second and say... HOLY CRAP. I think I might be able to die happy now. Seriously. I don't know what I would do if I was lucky enough to run into BillG Or SteveB or something. Ever shaken a $30B hand? LOL. I'd probably be like.... “Hey, I was wondering... do you have change for a $20?” Wonder what he'd say.

Got my digital camera all charged up just in case... went shopping tonight and discovered that SD cards are cheaper than film in the long run. I miss my CD Mavica. That thing was so cool. I'm gonna miss my laptop even more though. Writing code in Pocket Word for the next week does not sound very appealing. You know what would be really killer? OneNote for PocketPCs, or a WebMatrix port to the Compact Framework. Man that would be great. You could buy it for like $40 pre-installed on a 32MB SD card... that would be SOOO money. You wouldn't need a compiler or anything, just an IDE with color-coding and a pop-up keyboard for language shortcuts. All you'd have to do is attach a keyboard and pop-up a 2 row set of shortcut buttons and you're good to go. That would be so freakin handy. Maybe I'll run it by Nihkil while I'm there.

Anyway, I'd better get to sleep. I have a lot to do tomorrow to get ready for my trip. Since I probably won't be able to talk about a lot of the stuff I'll get to see at MS, most of my blogging over the next week will be on my corporate and personal blogs. If you're interested in seeing a 21 year old's perspective on one of the biggest corporations on earth, be sure to check them out. Oh yeah, and I wanted to wish DataGridGirl luck on her role in TechEd Australia this week. Hope you find your wallet, oh Great Pink One.


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