Visual Studio 2005 Delay Rumors posted news that SQL Server 2005 is being delayed. Frans and Fabrice have weighed in. It's my turn. Here it goes...

In an earlier article over on, I talked about the software wave and how major dependencies affect product ship dates. To save you some time, I made a diagram.. :).

Figure 1: Dependencies in the Yukon Wave

Based on this logic, it stands to reason that, before SQL Server 2005 can ship, Visual Studio 2005 and .NET "Whidbey" would have to have shipped already. Being that SQL Server 2005 is a server system that HAS to be reliable, scalable, and extremely fast, it stands to reason that Microsoft is going to need time with the release .NET build to make sure that everything is tuned as much as it can be.

So, before everyone starts getting really pissy about release dates and what not, lets jump back to reality here. Notice that nothing was said about VS2005's release date. if you think about it, Microsoft said a while back that VS2005 would ship in the May-July tineframe, and I don't think that has changed. You should have seen this slip coming months ago, and until Microsoft officially says that Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server 2005 are being released on the same day, it would be pointless to spred FUD by speculating or assuming otherwise. You know what they say happens when you assume...


  • Frans, the article never said anything about a VS2005 delay. That's fact. Second, Scott, from what I understand, Orcas will not ship until several months after Longhorn. This is purely by the fact that Orcas has an 18 month timeframe, and Longhorn will ship one year after Whidbey. Do the math.

    Finally, I dunno why you used .NET & VS as a "product ship link". Duh. You're not going to release a new runtime without something to compile applications to. That link doesn't apply here. You can build applications on VS2005 that don't require SQL Server 2005. The VS Data Tools are a separate team, though in the same division, as SQL Server. It is highly probable that the tools will be available before the server is. And Frans, I doubt people are really going to have a problem with having the designers in their hands first. Personally, I'd rather have the tools and not the server than the server and not the tools.

    VS2005 will more than likely ship 3-8 weeks before SQL Server. It may be "officially released" at the same time, but I would be willing to bet money that it's available for download off MSDN before the official launch date.

  • "It would be odd to release VS.NET 2005 with full support for a beta of SQl Server 2005 then require an upgrade a couple of months later to support the release version - especially as the releases are theoretically so close anyway!"

    Exactly: the CLR versions of the database has to match the one of .NET 2.0, otherwise the same misery will happen as sqlserver 2005 betatesters ran into when they wanted to install whidbey CTP and sqlserver 2005 on the same box.

    But we'll see. With all the marketing material already released about the two being tied together due to strong integration, I don't think it needs further discussion they are seen as 1 item: the two are released together, be it one available a few weeks earlier than the other on MSDN, that's minor. I very much doubt we'll see VS.NET 2005 in May and SqlServer 2005 in September.

  • I agree Frans -- there are even optimized features in ASP.NET v2.0 (2005) that require SQL 2005. Would MS release something that can't be used optimally because of a missing dependency? I doubt it -- although I personally hope you are right Robert.

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