New BOF Topic

I posted another BOF topic as well. I'm not leading this one as much as I am coordinating some people who I want to lead the discussion. It's shaping up to be pretty cool... I'm hoping that as interest grows I'll be able to post a “Scheduled to Appear” list. Anyways, here it goes:

Weblogging: The Future of Conversational Software
By now, you're probably familiar with weblogging to some extent. What you may not have known is the extent that blogging is used inside Microsoft. In this BOF session, the heavyweights of the blogosphere will chair a discussion on where blogging is at and where it's headed. Where does .NET fit into all this? Can we expect any blogging services from MSN? What about bloging with the newest version of Sharepoint? Come join the fun and find out.

We'll also be talking about the role of RSS and/or Atom, aggregators, the integration of weblogging gesture with other software, and much more! Park your butt and bring your ideas... It's guaranteed to be intense, so make sure you're there!

Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to help chair this discussion. I'd like to have a room full of blogging all-stars to show up so we can get some other bloggers involved too. That sounds kinda were, but celebs draw a crowd. As usual, don't forget to vote. (This one's on Page 4)


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