Bluetooth in Windows Server 2003?

Brian was having trouble getting his new Bluetooth keyboard working on Windows Server 2003. I recently ordered the Microsoft Optical Keyboard/Mouse for Bluetooth. The problem is, the Platform SDK says that Windows 2003 supports Bluetooth...

WTF? Someone want to clarify this for me?


  • windows 2003 server doesn't natively support bluetooth client connectivity...

    the platform sdk lists this only as a technology...a "platform sdk" isn't really specific to the os...if you look at the platform sdk as a provides documentation for back to win95, where bluetooth certainly isn't supported :-)

  • I wish I could. What's worse is that a specific version of XP SP 1 is required, so you end up having to un-install XP SP 1 (if you can), then run their setup (which includes a specialized SP 1 install), and then their drivers are installed.

    I can't find any service or optional component install that has to do with Bluetooth specifically. If I run into something else, I'll be sure and let you know.

  • For XP, the QFE is on the CD, I believe (I have it if not). You can use a /x switch and just run it manually.

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