Taskline 2.0 for Outlook 2003

OH MY GOSH. I have been waiting for this product for ages. Taskline 2.0 is available for Outlook 2003, and it adds stuff to the MS Outlook task list that MS should have added in Outlook 2000. I won't talk about it too much, save for the fact that I ponied up the $50 on sight, as it will save me countless hours on managing my time (I'm pretty sure that tasks show up on your PocketPC too, as appointments, but I have yet to verify this.). Instead, I'm going to let three screenshots speak for themselves:

<drooling> Now I know what I'll be spending most of my time doing this weekend. Download TaskLine now!


  • Can you give us a little more info? What does it do that Outlook doesn't?

  • Outlook doesn't schedule tasks in the Calendar. They stay 100% separate items. This add-on manages task scheduling, and puts the tasks into your day. If you note in the first screenshot, it has a start date column. Outlook tasks don't have a start date, only a due date. And tasks don't show up in your calendar on the due date, so you don't get a graphical overview of your day.

    It makes the Task system in Outlook pretty pointless without this addin.

  • Actually tasks in Outlook do have a start date, although it isn't displayed by default in the details view. Outlook doesn't seem to do much with the dates for tasks though, so this program looks very cool!

  • Actually if you use Pocket Informant on the PocketPC you can convert tasks to calendar items which then sync back to outlook as calendar events.

  • ...or you could just drag a task from the task area into your calendar.

    I think taskline is an interesting product but the killer feature is not with the tasks in the calendar - it is for managing critical paths. You can set dependencies on tasks which is pretty cool.

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