MS' IE Division should pay attention to this...

My friend Dalton just pointed me to a browser based on the IE engine (so it requires IE to be installed. It does everything you wished IE would do, including popup-blocking and tabbed-browsing. It's called MyIE2, and it just might find it's way into my laptop today.


  • Install it so you can "test" across browsers... you'll end up using it full time. "Coffee" theme is great for Mac fans. Also, can download the "developer toolbar" which lets you validate, resize to common resolutions, toggle features and images, and do bad things (tm) with your forms.

  • try netcaptor (, great browser extension, the tabs are a killer feature in netcaptor

  • Nice. Until today you thought IE had competitive browser features.

  • I've been using MyIE2 for the last 6 months. When everyone in blogsphere started saying how good Firebird was, I went duh!!! these guys havent seen myie2, but no one took notice of poor ol me's comments.

    Finally its out of the bag - MyIE2 rocks.

    and I hope lot of people notice.

    And all the MS team has to do now, is make the IE engine faster.

  • Man - I hate all these complaints.. The whole idea has always been:

    Microsoft provides tools and base implementations - ISV's add value!

    This is the way it is supposed to work...

  • LOL You know what I hate? Anonymous people posting comments!

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