• I don't know that I would call many of those tools "Isolation Frameworks." Maybe I'm missing an official definition somewhere, but isolation is something that is created by architecture and can be faked by tools like Typemock (not used many of the others). Moq and RhinoMocks, the two I'm most familiar with, are mocking frameworks that are only useful if my code is already sufficiently isolated. If I hadn't designed for isolation, they would be useless. It's at that point I would need an "Isolation Framework" like Typemock.

    Am I missing something?

  • +1 for Ryan's objection over nomenclature. I don't isolate with a mocking framework, I mock with it. I isolate with good design.

  • I use RhinoMocks but I'm looking for an alternative: RM's documentation is *terrible*!!!

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