• Hi Roy. I am glad that your idea with a guitar succeded. Now Madonna has serious competition :-) You have to play these songs for us too. Have fun and good luck!

  • Hi Roy
    I'm a french trainer/consultant on Team System, and I'm very impressed by yours presentations.
    I've just made a post "[Tech-Ed 2006] : Madonna on the scene]", in French, it's not a joke ;)
    Very, Very nice sessions. I saw you on the ARC207 and DEV243
    You said that all the materials were on your blog, but...where are the songs ? I can hear only the first one...

    Please, continue making noise with your tongue ;)


  • Hi Roy. Im a web developer from Sweden. Where can I download your songs about TDD. :D Heard them on the latest DotNetRocks show. Really great. Because we just started to work with TDD in my team.

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