• I wonder if its time to start using a different term for non-agile project types.

    The agile methods have an informal feel to their activities, but they are still formal about what activities should (must) be undertaken.

    Planned, formal plan, death march ;)

  • I think a death march is more about unrealistic expectation than methodololgy.

    I think the bigger competition is Agile or Formal Methodologies vs. cutting corners and putting out a less then quality product. At least in in-house projects. Its hard to convince developers to switch to unit testing from hardly any testing because there is no time. And I think its hard to get managers to switch because its easier to blame one of the programmers when the project fails than to adknowledge they over promissed or even worse they're boss over promissed.

  • "Unless you are working on a project with Fixed Price, Scope and Time, Agile is a good way to go." -

    Every VSTS presentation I've been to starts with defining the "problems" that VSTS, by employing Agile methodologies, is adressing. These problems are, quite simply, never being able to end a project while keeping it On Time, On Budget and On Scope.

    I thought that these are the problems that arise naturally when working on a project with "Fixed Price, Scope and Time"...

    How can these two notions coexist?

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