• Nice tool, just what I needed :)

  • Looks great, will investigate.

  • This looks like a stylish improvement to a tool given to me by my Microsoft TAM, called PerfmonPlus.

    Any relation?

  • Lance:
    Never heard of it, but it's logical that there is something like this.
    Got any links?

    There's a reason didn't call it perfmonPlus - I don't want ot be bogged down with Microsoft-supplied name- legal implications and such.


  • Excellent work!

    The problem you described is exactly what I run into now and then when I want to test performance aspects of a .net app... lots of clicking and you can't save the set of counters for a second run of the tool a day later..

  • Hi Roy

    I would like to support copy and past of the values, Last, Average, Minimum and etc.

    The performance tool doesn't support it and we need that capability when we go to details.

    Another issue is the ability to see the value in Mega and K units.
    When we do investigations it is really important.

    Thanks and well done

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