• I've just tried it on a REAL project and it works like a charm...

    I have Rollback without the need for NunitX...

    as always, Roy, you're the king...

    right mate ?!

  • Awesome stuff...Thanks!

  • Hy Roy,

    This looks very nice. I'll try it as soon as I get my box back. Would you be interrested in shipping this framework along with TestDriven.NET ? You framework would definitely have his place there :)

  • I echo Jonathan's sentiment. TestDriven.NET all the way.

  • The distance Unit testing has come inside .NET blows my mind. Those first JUnit ports are especially unimpressive when viewed from the vantage point of today.

    Great work Roy and Peli.

  • Roy,

    Way to go dude. Very exciting stuff. I haven't downloaded it yet, but it's definitely on my to-do list. I started to have similar ideas a few days ago after reading the same article on gotdotnet.

    Looking forward to playing with it.


  • Peli (Jonathan): Great idea! This should be a part of TD.Net.

  • Great idea and implementation.

    Also I need your opinion: if I want to add utilities classes to the NUnit freamwork

    Like you wrote before (DataComparison etc… remember?) Where shell I add this class? I guess I need to add it to the XtUnit.Extensions.XXX project am I right?


  • It appears that this only runs under Win 2003

  • HI Roy,

    I'm getting this on my testing solution when I try to use the SampleTestFixture.cs copied into my solution. This is using TestDriven.net 2.0.1948 Personal :

    TestCase 'M:dbTesting.SampleTestFixture.MyDataRelatedTest'
    failed: Couldn't find declaring type with name 'dbTesting.SampleTestFixture'

    Do you have an idea what's causing this ?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Hi, I'm using DataRollBack attribute and it works fine with Sql Server...compliments...but now I want to use it even with an application that uses an Oracle 9i db accessed by ODP.NET . Reading your article, I've thought that it must work anyway, because ODP.NET is based upon ADO.NET . Enterprise Services manages transactions at this level...but it doesn't work, or rather, the transaction doesn't roll back...do you have any idea?

  • Hi, I've forgot to say that the Oracle server is on a remote machine. This is probably the cause of the problem. Of course XtUnit works on the local DTC...it is possible to connect on the ServiceDomain object of a remote machine? And how to do that?

    Thanks for your help


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