• What is the ratio of Israeli to other middle eastern nationalities in INETA MEA?

  • It really seems MS Israel has no enthusiam...You are not the only MVP who is saying it...Sad...Maybe it is the time for us (the community) to move forward and do something about it. I'm with you.

  • Shane: I'm not sure what the ratio is. Fact is - INETA MEA is not even present here in Israel. Most user groups are not even aware it exists..

    I like the MVP program and I think it is a good idea - just bad execution.

  • I think Kofi Annan has taken over the MVP and INETA MEA, so that may explain what's going on.
    I heard their is a plan to steal your computers and then he will give you an MVP lead if you are wiling to give up one of your MSDN subscriptions. Kofi thinks this is a peaceful resolution to the MVP crisis.

  • Huh? You say sumpin'?

  • Hi Roy,

    How come you are not on the Europe Ineta speakers list? Jackie Goldstein is and he is also from Israel. Anyway I just requested an Ineta speaker and would be more than happy to have you.

  • Goksin: I've answered you offline, but I'll state my two biggest claims here too:
    - as an INETA speaker I haven't had a single chance in speaking anywhere in MEA, or Europe
    - as an INETA user group, I haven't had the ability to book at of the European speakers as well (or MEA)

    simply holding local events is different than geting high profile speakers.

  • Hi Roy,

    For speaking in MEA or Europe speaker, I am sure a lot of usergroups will request you as a speaker, after that, I believe it will be realized.

    For booking European speakers, you can request one at INETA site, if available your request can be realized as well.


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