• Actually, dasBlog does *not* use a database as your description implies. It is entirely file-based, too, using simple XML files to store everything.

    You could also use DotNetNuke, which is way more than just blogging, but it does include a blogging module. So, if you want to set up a complete portal, in addition to having a blog, that might be a good alternative to something like Community Server, too.

    My favorite is dasBlog, personally... :-)

  • Daniel: I don't see any blog engines listed there - just your blogroll - ?

  • Roy, the (partial) blogroll is pointing only to technical blogging sites that multiple people post. So if anybody want to set up a blog they could contact the admins of those sites to register :)

    E.g. wdevs, dotnetslackers, developfusion etc

  • I see file based blogs as *harder* to install than SQL-Server based, since almost no hosting provider lets you directly setup permission on directories, and almost no hosting provider uses a special identity for each hosted website so you actually are giving write access for general users, such as NETWORK SERVICE. When I've upgraded to dasBlog 1.9I came across another problem. The config folder did have it's write permissions set for the older version. However, the new version had one more file, and the permission did not bubble to the new file, so I've had to send e-mail to the hosting provider to fix that up.
    All that isn't necessary with DB based engine. You setup a login once, and that's it. It's often faster, and it's easier to maintain, query (if needed), backup, migrate, etc. after all, the blog data is table-based and hierachical, so it's better suited to be on a DB table than on a xml file.

  • I attempted to start a technical blog because I wanted to post some different methods and what not that I came up with. But I had trouble posting code to a blog (colors, indenting, etc...).

    Does anyone have any pointers for tools for this?

  • @Bob : use CopySourceAsHTML, there are versions for VS2003 and VS2005. This tool ROCKS!

    @Manfred: Yeah! :)

    @Roy : BloggingAbout.NET invites people that have something good to contribute to contact me. Just click my name and you'll be at my weblog.

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