• Hi Roy,
    I have to say, I followed all three of your sessions and they were the ones who most interested me during this conference (the songs were great to ;)).

    It was a pity we couldn't touch some topics more in depth, especially during the unittesting session. Some people I was trying to convince to finally start unittesting were there too, I hope they got some more encouragement to finally start off!

    Thanks for the slides, I'll definetly have a look at them.

    Kind regards, Laila Bougria

  • Thanks for the slides and the code Roy!

    btw. I can't load RunSharp project from the DeepReflection session's code.

  • My thanks too for posting slides and code. I'm particularly interested in the unit testing one. The Powerpoint works, but the code appeared broken (until I figured that trying to run it from inside the Zip file was the problem!).

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