• Silly question, but when you mention replacing the text, are you referring simply to URL text/links, or are you looking for a way to edit your posts before importing, that way you don't have to edit the posts one by one in squarespace after the import?

  • Sean:
    I would expect that the tool already changed the links to my choosing during the conversion.

    I want to change the text as to remove the original text from the site and replace it with a link to where people can find the full text afer moving it.

  • Is there a partial bounty if all I do is write something that converts the BlogML to one of the target formats but don't handle redirecting all of your existing posts?

  • Jake - no. but I'll give you blog credit for that!

  • Paul: it does not support BlogML

  • Hey Royo... I've not played with the BlogML code for years, but I pulled it back down tonight and started going through it.

    I'm not sure what format SquareSpace accepts. A dirty approach might be to convert your BlogML to Blogger format using the PS script for Blogger which is in the 2.0 release of BlogML.

    Then you could run the SquareSpace import tool from Blogger.

    Like I said - dirty, but it probably would work.

    Ping me if you would like me to help work through it with you.


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