• Hey Roy,

    this is cool and all, but couldn't you just as easily use something like Google Alerts to trigger on keywords and links?

    I suppose with something like this you would retain more control over the sources and also Google Alerts sends emails. It'd be nice if it could expose that service as a feed.


  • With google alerts I'd still get alerts from my own blog, as well as dupicates. plus, google is great but having a view from multiple searchers will most likely find you stuff that google hasn't indexed.

    Also, with pipes I also added my own little text in the beginning of each "find" that details the link it leads to very easily.
    It was already part of the feed, but it was hidden under a "source" link, which I had to hover over to see who linked to me.

    I love the control I got that allows me to actually add more meta data and text to each post so I ca get better information.

  • That's cool, I can definitely see the bit of value add you're getting by doing this. I was thinking of doing something similar for my life stream. One feed if you were interested in myself, i.e. flickr, dopplr, blog etc.

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