• Daniel,
    it seems to be working perfectly with VLC.
    Thanks a bunch!

    I used the direct instructions from this page:

    "Use the Open Network menu option from the File menu. What is new (and really works) is that you can now handle any type of video stream (including Real). I discovered the best solution is to save the stream as 'raw' uncompressed data. So in VLC, choose Open Network, and paste your MMS (RSTP with Real) link in the appropriate field. Next, check Advanced Output and click Settings. From there, choose File (use Browse to create a new file) and check the "Dump raw input" button. You must also choose Raw in the Incapsulation Method option (not sure here). Click OK, and you're back to the Open Network dialog window. When you click OK again, VLC will start downloading the stream and recording it to you file.

    Acording to the stream format, you must, once downloaded, add the right extension to the raw file in order to open it in the right player. So, if you recorded a WMP stream, give the file a .wmv extension, and view it with Windows Media Player.

    With these instructions, you should be able to record any video stream"

  • One more question, Daniel:
    How did you find out the actual path to the asf file?
    I coudn't find it via the "view source" option.
    Have you used something like Fiddler to find out?

  • Hi Roy,
    when streaming from Microsoft Media Server you get an ASX file, which is a XML file with a schema(usually this file isn't with the ASX extension because it dynamically created).
    once you viewed the source and downloaded this file using your favorite download accelerator.
    open it with notepad to get the list of files streamed from the server (in your case only one).


  • Seriously dude, You are an MVP.
    You do so much for them.....
    Make them send you the WMV file....
    how hard can it be ?

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