• Thanks. You need to fix the link to dBpoweramp site. It has right round brace at the end.

  • Great little program. One thing, I had an audiobook that was for audio format 2 instead of the expected 4. I had to change the codec=mp332 to codec=acelp85

  • Hi Roy
    DRM or not I'm sure you're aware that there are loads of free audio books on the internet and lots of them need processing with various types of software. My blog deals with how to find free books and how to process them when you've got them. As I love audio books I try to help people find and enjoy them. Not everyone's a geek

    All the best

  • d'oh! I figured it out, had to search the dBpoweramp site for the directshow add-on. once I downloaded that, everything worked like a charm. Thanks!

  • keep getting the following
    Internal error. Code: 5

  • Your a genius. I this tool, because I want to download the books at work and I don't want to install the stupid download manager on my company desktop.

    Thanks Orem,

  • JoeBlack
    are you sure you are right clicking and copying the javascript that is under the "download " button?

  • JoeBlack -- I had the same problem using Firefox. I tried IE and it worked. When you use "Copy link location" on the Firefox context menu for a URL, it came up with something different then "Copy Shortcut" in IE.

  • Well, I finally got it to work, or so I thought, but the mp3 produced by dBpoweramp was double-speed, so it sounded like the chipmunks. Could I be doing something wrong?

  • Any chance someone can work something like this for mac? I figure the author doesn't own a mac so won't be interested. But just maybe?

  • My friend, your program is King!! I signed up for Audible and was dismayed to see I couldn't easily port (not fileshare) my downloads to my other devices. I like to re-master & speed up the tempo through Sound Forge, and this was impossible until I read your post.

    Thanks again, Roy! And thanks to alfred nonymous who posted on Sunday, July 13, 2008 3:13 PM; I had the same issue & your advice was A-1!

  • You are seriously my hero right now!! You are the emperor of awesomeness!

    I had been recently foiled by the new "upgrade" but now I can return to stripping the DRM to get what I paid for.

  • Do you have alternative instruction for people like me who are using


  • It seem that I'm almost there ... My problem is in the ".aa" to "mp3" converter. "convert to" does not recognize the ".aa" extension.

    Here are my steps ...
    1. Loaded Audible Manager V5
    2. Loaded dbPowerAmp Music Converter R13
    3. Loaded DirectShow Decoder R2
    4. Loaded Audible Media Player Filter

    AudibleMediaPlayerFilter.exe did not work (could not find svci79.dll).

    I modified "directshow.txt" to include ".aa". (the txt file was empty to begin with?)

    Executed "dbampconfiguration" but it could not find the file.

    Please help!

  • Awesome little program! audible manager won't install on company desktop, and this is so much simpler, Thanks!

  • Shrinkster appears to be down. Any chance of a tinyurl?

  • If shrinkster is down you can download it directly from:

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