• A thousand thanks for this! I'm soon to be needing this on my current project.

  • Roy,

    I wish I had this a year ago. I then wrote something a lot more primitive than this for checking timeouts and race conditions.

    Well done.


  • Hermann: I'd love to see it.
    I thought about going that route, but it seemed too.. non intuitive, but I'd love to get my hands on that.


  • Hermann: I'm always reachable at :
    Roy at osherove.com

  • I notice the reference to Mono.Cecil in your Tests folder. Is this necessary? When I removed the reference (and the UsingCecil tests), everything still seemed to compile okay.

  • Tom: The Cecil is just something I've been playing with. There is no dependency on Cecil at the moment (and I don't see anhy for the near future)

  • I've done this a couple of times, but much less general. I've been going to put something reusable together but you've beat me to it and done it well. Thanks Roy!

  • Great little abstraction. Perfect for my needs.

    Just a note FYI:

    Some of the source classes have a "using NUnit.Framework" statement which isn't being used and as such if not installed on the clients machine throws an exception at runtime.

    Also, the "public void StartAllThreads(int runningTimeout)" method has a dependency on NUnit which it doesn't need to... Just throw an exception instead of doing an NUnit.AssertFail().

    Once again, great work.

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