• Now let's talk cost and performance.
    Are you launching VMs in the build?

  • >>hopefully, that should be it, and teamcity will try to instantiate new instances on demand. Note that it may take around 10 minutes for an agent to become available to teamcity from the time it’s started.

    Hi Roy, great article, got me thinking about our infra for agents.

    One question, that 10 minutes you mention, that is the initial initialization of an agent within the buildserver? Or is it each time the buildserver wants to run a build on an agent (which is in the cloud?

    I know that the first (initialization) can take a couple of minutes. But is this 10 minutes another wait time? Then it will only be useful for the daily, long running builds.


  • 10 minutes is what it takes for a new machine instance to start up. once an instance is started, an agent on it runs immediately.

  • I was just about to do this myself. Thanks for posting this!

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