• The real question is how long will they be in business. I'd hate to see an operation like this go off the radar with my entire repository.

  • I work in a Banking Sector, and we use SoruceAnywhere ! The Product is real cool, any where u compare, esp. try using any source safe over vpn link !

    This is the fastest (vpn or not!), look-a-like VSS and easy to connect to exsisting VSS.

    100 % recommended.



  • Another recent player in hosted source control is Readify with TFS Now. Judging by their pricing its a lot cheaper than buying and setting up your own TFS in house, and also seems very price competitive with Dynamsoft's SourceAnywhere.

    We've been using TFS at work for about 18 months now and its extremely robust, the main reason why we went that way was because our VSS repository corrupted too often.

  • I just checked the pricing of TFS from Readify. It is just too higH:
    $995 for 5 users. $600setup up fee.

    For the first 5 users,it is more than 10 times higher than SourceAnywhere Hosted.

  • SourceAnywhere Hosted is highly recommended. Our team is using it . very good. It is the source control hosting we deserve. We have about 500 developers. Our manager is planning to use that thing for all our distributed teams.

    Roy, thanks for bringing up this topic.

    100% recommended.

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