• Yay for Notepad 2! Can't live without it.

    Also, can you recommed a free VS-integrated test-runner?

  • TestDriven.NET is free for personal use - and is unequalled as a test runner for Visual Studio, fast and reliable.

  • I think Notepad++ is another good to have tool in your toolbox.

  • I think you should try Araxis Merge for comparing files. I find it better than Beyond Compare.

  • I would add to your list:

    xUnit.net via xuint.codeplex.com

    Moq via code.google.com/p/moq

    WatiN via watin.sourceforge.net
    WatiN Test Recorder via watintestrecord.sourceforge.net

    Color Cop free multi-purpose colour picker
    via colorcop.net/download

    ASP.NET MVC from asp.net/mvc

    jQueryPad from paulstovell.com/jquerypad
    (similar concept to LINQpad but for jQuery)

    PSPad includes excellent hex editor;
    freeware from Jan Fiala;
    excellent code editor at pspad.com

    XML Notepad 007 free from microsoft downloads

    FLV Player for playing flash files, free from

    Virtual CloneDrive, mount .iso freeware from

    J from jsoftware.com free powerful language

    Nero best CD/DVD burning sofware imo,
    commercial from nero.com



    Google Chrome

    forums.asp.net friendly, civil, useful forum
    forums.asp.net/1146.aspx ASP.NET MVC
    you frequently get Brad Wilson

    for developers still using SQL 2005,
    download the free SQL Server 2008 Management Studio
    from Microsoft

    VMware Workstation USD$189 or
    VMware Server free
    both from vmware.com
    because, if you've got sufficient RAM
    and hard disk space, you can virtualize
    multiple test environments;
    example: separate virtual boxes for IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9

    of course, by the time everything is installed and the new box is ready to go,
    the new box is obsolete and it's time to purchase the next one

  • I would include DropBox both for work and home environments. And also Putty + WinSCP (for Windows users)

  • Personally I just use TotalCommander for FTP as well. Is there anything specific you need FileZilla for?

  • it's amazing how easy it can be
    to forget the utilities that we
    use most frequently:

    digestIT 2004 digestit.kennthballard.com
    GUI to calculate/verify SHA-1/MD5 with a right click on a file.

  • I am now using Crypto Licensing and Crypto Obfuscator from a review that you did. Both of these are really good tools, fully featured and easy to use with a great price point too. Thanks for the heads up on these!

  • +1 to Launchy

    And don't forget WinSplit Revolution. It's awesome to flip windows left, right, up, and down with impunity.

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