• FubuMVC turns heads at Microsoft? Ruh-roh...

  • I like the call to action and the focus on the positive things that altnetter's have done to make a difference already.

    I see the traction growing everyday.

  • You need to get a break. You seem to be able to develop a strategic concept and implement it, not necessarily in the exact area you've been working for last years. Think more globally.

  • Absolutely. No Unit Testing in my group before I got there, much less TDD. I took on executing TDD without batting an eyelash and now I have other team members following suit because it's clear the value it adds. No CI either, so I stood up CruiseControl for our program. Now it's a standard thing for all our projects to have a corresponding CC build which, at minimum, builds and tests that system (since now they're writing unit tests), and other programs are adding their projects. I agree with this wholeheartedly; don't complain, just solve the problem for yourself and eventually it will catch on.

  • I felt the same way...and now I have a 30" monitor. Woot!

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