Great Free MSBuild Tasks Available for Download

Paul just posted a link to a bunch of great MSBuild task extensions that you can use in both VS 2005 Web Deployment Projects and with VS 2005 Web Application Projects.  If you aren't familiar with MSBuild yet, you should definitely check it out -- since it provides a ton of flexibility for both build and deployment scenarios. 

A few of the ones I found particularly interesting for web scenarios (there are many more -- this was just from a quick glance):

  • AppPoolController, AppPoolCreate, AppPoolDelete -- Create and manage IIS application pool worker processes on a local/remote machine
  • WebDirectoryCreate, WebDirectoryCreate -- Create/Delete web application roots on a local or remote machine
  • FtpUpload -- Deploy the compiled application on a remote web-server
  • ServiceController -- Stop/Start IIS or other services

You can read about and download (for free) all of them here

Hope this helps,


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