Windows 7 Phone Database Rapid Repository v1 Released

Hi All,

Rapid Repository V1.0 has been release today.

The Windows 7 Phone database should make development a great deal easier when working with Windows 7 Phone isolated storage, mainly as the isolated storage is abstracted away by the Rapid Repository API.

Using the repository should feel pretty similar to using an ORM such as the entity framework or NHibernate, the main difference being the underlying database is actually a document database which utilises isolated storage.


  1. Introduction
  2. Set up the Rapid Repository
  3. Create, Read, Update and Delete
  4. Eager Loading
  5. Examining Pending Changes
  6. Exclude entities from the cache

Road Map

The next release will include a view/index model for improved querying of the database.

Another feature that will arrive pretty soon will be transactional support.

Breaking Changes

The only breaking change from the Beta is the removal of the Query method on the repository.

This is due to the planned implementation of the Query requiring a slightly different method implementation – for now just call GetAll() and use standard linq to objects.

Although for most situations this should be fine, a proper query model is not far away.


You can download the release binary from


I hope you enjoy using the repository and that it greatly enhances the experience of Windows 7 Phone development (especially when storing local data to the phone).

Kind Regards,

Sean Mcalinden.

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