IPSWeb – Web Client for Windows PowerShell

Yesterday, I published small application I developed called IPSWeb. This application is actually web client for Windows PowerShell.
It’s very simple, to install this application you create new IIS website, copy the files to the website directory and then, you have web access to the Windows PowerShell on the server.

In addition to execute commands and get the output, you can use all the great features of Windows PowerShell. There is also a built-in script editor (that will be better next versions) that gives the Server Administrator the option to create, edit and execute scripts on the server from the web client (IPSWeb), also when the ExecutionPolicy in the server doesn’t allow script execution.
IPSWeb supports more than one user in the same time, each user get his PowerShell instance. It’s also possible to create startupscript (in addition to the profile file) that will run in the beginning of each session.

The installation is very simple (full instructions available here) and take no more than two minutes.

This version (0.1) supports PowerShell v1.0 and the CTP’s of v2.0, although there aren’t any features that use the new features of PowerShell v2.0. Next versions will use the new features of v2.0, including managing of background jobs and more from the web interface.


This is an open-source project and v0.1 is ready. v0.1 is an alpha version so you might find some bugs. if you find any bug, please tell me about.

Download IPSWeb v0.1



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