So I Created Another Utils Library

Thought it was time I start my own Utils library (why not everyone else seems to have one), I have things like a UnitOfWork implementation, base Repository class, and plan to add more things as I go.

This is still a work in progress and I would appreciate any feedback out there, in the meantime I will continue my work on it.

You can find the project on GitHub @



  • "why not everyone else seems to have one"
    Well.. development of the .NET Framework goes faster than we can keep up with in any Utility Library and it is very difficult to create something that is both generic enough to be reuseable and functional enough that it should be in a special library. If it is, it will probably be builtin in the next version of the framework, which is there in about a year, tops 2. Next to that is is hard to maintain a utility library with potentially many dependencies to keep up with.

    Another thing that comes to mind is that I will work out the same functionality in code differently today than I will in about a year or so... and if I don't I haven't learned something...

    So the real question you have to ask yourself: How many times in the next year will I have a similar project where I can reuse these utility classes and methods? And unless you have a really boring job where you work like a factory and spit out the same type of applications every month, it is not worth it to create a factory library.

  • Some good points there,

    I guess my main reasoning is having a central library to store the helpers I create, and allowing me to reuse this easily on projects I work on.

    A lot of the things in there are quite simple and I do not think much will change over time, and if it does it is easy enough to update the one code base, and then if my existing projects need it, it is not that big of a task to update.

    Another reason is it was a simple way for me to learn GIT for example, and my first introduction to Git Hub.

    Never really intended it for something that others might use extensively, sure I hope someone might find some use in what I have done, and also look forward to being told what I have done wrong.


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