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  • GUI 101 - Group Boxes

    Often, it's the little things that matter. In any application, small changes to the user interface can have a major impact on the readability and usability of a form. Fonts, element spacing, order of elements, colors, etc., all come into play. A skillful designer can make a few tweaks to a crappy interface and make it a delight to use. It's easy to be seduced by the siren songs of AJAX, Silverlight, gradient backgrounds, etc., but simply grouping controls logically can be much more effective in providing a good user experience and…it won't make your web application run like a sick dog.

  • Stupid Chart Tricks

    The new free Chart Control from Microsoft is awesome (for download details see my original post here).  But if you can avoid being dazzled by the plethora of charting features, you may realize it can be used for other tasks.