Linq2Kdb+ Provider - source code update

A few months ago, over the winter holiday, I put together a Linq provider for the Kdb+ database. The folks at KX systems have graciously provided a place to host the code, which you can find at Use anonymous/anonymous for access.


As of now the list of the unimplemented items is considerably longer than implemented features.

What works

    • Basic projections / Selects (map)
    • Basic restrictions / Wheres (filter)
    • code generation to create strongly typed representations of a Kdb database

Still remaining to implemented

    • Joins
    • Orderbys
    • Grouping
    • Aggregates and other functions/method calls
    • Kdb+ columns with array types
    • Code generation support for Kdb+ user functions

A few notes on the code

  • The heavy lifting of transforming the expression trees  done via IQToolkit
  • The unit tests uses xUnit.Net
  • The code generation uses T4 and requires the T4 Toolbox
    • run  SetupCodeGen.ps1 to have the correct paths placed in the registry
  • Linq2Kdb+ was developed on .Net 3.5SP1 and Kdb+ 2.5 - for other versions YMMV.
  • Feedback welcome.

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