PowerShell and a bit of the Task Parallel Library as a replacement for SSIS

I gave a presentation at today’s SQL Saturday in NY on replacing SSIS with PowerShell.

You can view the presentation, or see below for the two second summary:

  • SSIS is a terrible development tool
  • Many SSIS features can be built with out much effort with PowerShell, C#, and the TPL
  • See the demos

The code is hosted at http://psis.codeplex.com/ Currently it has the following capabilities

  • Concurrent bulk data transfer
  • Single pass star-schema populator

Contact me if you’d like to contribute or collaborate on this.

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  • Hi Scott,
    Looks very interesting, I'll definitely take a look at this.

    I agree that the dev env for SSIS isn't great but it does have one thing going for it - its blazingly quick. On an old blog site I wrote-up a comparison of SSIS -v- Powershell if any of your readers are interested:

    Talking Pipelines : SSIS and Powershell

    [I'm afraid the embeddeded videos have gotten lost somewhere - not my fault, promise.]


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