Reactive Framework available from DevLabs

Downloads of the Reactive Framework (RX) can now be found at MS DevLabs. Versions for 3.5 SP1, 4.0 Beta, and Silverlight 3 are available. Interestingly, the API size appears to be substantially larger than the preview which was leaked as part of the Silverlight 3 Toolkit. That DLL was all of 84KB, the current release is weighs in at 283KB.


In regards to CEP, the comparisons between StreamInsight and RX are interesting

RX   StreamInsight
Low – it’s managed code all the way down Leaking abstraction High; Linq2SI is like Linq2SQL, except the underling SI implementation isn’t well understood
Limited by CLR and GC Performance High b/c of native code
None out of box Windowing support Explicit
Easy Adaptor support Not hard, but not trivial

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  • Hi,
    Can someone explain this:

    var values = (new[] { "test 1", "test 2", "test 3" }).ToObservable();

    ForAll will never return. Why?
    Thank you.

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