The awesome dotnetcore collection for .NET community

In the last month, dotnetcoreaspnetcore, and efcore were released .NET Core 1.0 RTM. Apparently, everyone in .NET community is very excited about this news. Because in .NET standard 1.6 version, we can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac OSes very well. Accordingly, a lot of libraries, frameworks, tools, starter-kits and articles also come out. The problem of this is a lot of people don't know how to find the best one to use in their projects, based on the very new framework like dotnetcore, aspnetcore, and efcore. To help those people can be easy to find the best one for the specific purpose, I have created the awesome dotnetcore collection on GitHub to classification all the libraries, framework, starter-kits into each category so that if anyone wants to use some of them in this collection can choose it effectively. And luckily, this project is welcomed by the community (a lot of like, share and pull requests). I am really happy about it because I know what I do, really make people excited about and maybe it is helpful for them too :)

For more information, you guys can reference to, every contribution is welcomed.

Awesome guys that make this project more awesome:

Beside that, I also continue to upgrade and develop the dotnetcore version for my old project named magazine-website at I am going to apply the DDD, CQRS, microservices and .NET Asynchronous Programming Model for this project as well.

Hopefully, in future, there will have more and more awesome guys that contribute to the awesome dotnetcore collection repository and magazine-website repository.

Once again, I really thank everyone used to supporting these project above :) 



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