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  • Generating Report for NUnit

     All source codes for this post can be found at my github.

    Time ago, I received a request that people ask me how they can generate reports of the results of testing using NUnit? In fact, I may never do this. In the little world of my programming, I only care about the test results, red-green-refactoring, and that was it. When I got that question quite a bit unexpected, I knew that I could use NCover to generate reports, but reports of NCover too simple, it did not give us more details on the number of test cases, test methods, ...

  • Moving to weblogs

    This morning I received the email from Microsoft that they just created for me the blog at I really happy about that and decided to moving my house from Blogger ( to blogs ( If anyone want to read some articles at Blogger, you still read all of it at those. I will not move all articles to weblogs, and in the future I will try to write new articles at blog. I hope anyone will support me in that. And in next time, I will try to finish the NMA project at codeplex.