How designers and developers can best collaborate

A case study of effective teamwork in software development

You know the drill: typically, the designer, always a step ahead, creates mockups and wireframes and validates them with the client. Later on, the developers receive those designs and are tasked with transforming them into functioning software. This is a very simple description of how both devs and designers work in a software development project. However, there’s more to this than meets the eye and the output can look very different depending on how the devs and designers interact during a project.

At UruIT we follow agile methodologies that value collaboration. In fact, our designers and developers often get together to create great apps. Nowadays, I’m part of a team that is about to release a new mobile application. This product was built from scratch in our Uruguay office. The team is composed of developers, a Product Owner, and a UX designer. For the last 6 months, we have worked together during the whole development process, from understanding the application’s business model to deciding each feature that it should have in order to satisfy users. By bringing to the table different kinds of knowledge and experience, the continuous collaboration and the agile context of our team have empowered us to create a product we are proud of.

Here’s how we’ve done it! Read the full post about design and development collaboration in the link.

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