A Look Inside Uruit’s Recruitment Process

How we adapt to cultural trends and structure our hiring software developers

The People Care team must be dynamic and adapt to new trends, not only cultural but also technological and market-related. We’ve all been candidates and gone through different processes: extensive interviews, group interviews, psychological tests, technical challenges, and more. When it comes to recruiters, it’s important to understand that the role they play goes beyond selecting people. With recruiters lies a great responsibility to help with the growth or preservation of a company in the best possible way.

With this post, I seek to share the internal operations of our recruitment processes. If you’re currently looking for a job, it will help you prepare for and face interviews. If you are a team leader or part of a recruitment team, I hope it’ll help you propose new changes or experiments to try.

Currently, I work in the People Care area of UruIT Colombia. Therefore, I have to be in contact with many software development candidates on a daily basis. The recruitment, interview, and hiring processes of software developers pretty much remain the same, but what candidates and employers are looking for is constantly changing. For this reason, it seems important to first talk about change.

Keep reading about our hiring process of software developers in the original post in this link ;)

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