What we learned from our first blockchain software project

Working as an outsourced partner for an app using blockchain, we’ve learned how to overcome several challenges associated with this new technology

Early this year, a startup called Coinderby, creator of a multiplayer game for breeding, racing, and trading virtual horses using blockchain technology, sought our help to build a singular web application. Although the project was based on the same stack we’re already very comfortable working with (Reactjs + Node + GraphQL), it incorporated a new and exciting challenge: this app would be monetized with ethereum! So yes, this would be our first project incorporating blockchain!

At first, we had misguided ideas about blockchain. Once we started working with it we realized things were not exactly as we thought they would be. So we’ve decided to share our learning process in this post, detailing some of the unexpected challenges we faced and how we solved them along the way.


Challenge accepted: our first blockchain software project!

Before starting, we had no experience working with ethereum blockchain projects. So, yes, there were a lot of new concepts involved that we needed to understand first. Things like what the gas is, how smart contracts work, what is considered a transaction, and so on.

After starting to work with the client in order to understand the project’s requirements, we came up with two goals:

  • Send transactions from the web application to the blockchain;
  • Read the state of the application from the blockchain.

Basically, we spent our first week setting up the architecture for the project and reading about these concepts.

Here’s how it went!!

Read the full blockchain software development case study here!

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