5 benefits of outsourcing that make sense for SaaS

The SaaS industry has some unique challenges that can be overcome by these 5 benefits of outsourcing 

Since we started in 2007, we have helped dozens of SaaS companies to achieve their development goals. We’ve seen SaaS booming especially in the talent management, financial, commercial real estate and construction industries, and a new breed that’s exploring the advantages of AI and blockchain. But, no matter the industry, we have seen similar needs and concerns arise whenever we start having discussions with potential SaaS partners.

Some need to rapidly achieve product-market fit, or find a better way to retain their engineering talent and product knowledge. Others need to respond faster to changing markets, in order to remain leaders in their respective niches. We’ve also seen SaaS companies raise more capital or acquire other companies, leading to various, exciting challenges on the engineering level. The need to look for an external provider becomes apparent in any of the above scenarios and that’s where the option for nearshoring (outsourcing to South America) part of or a whole development project comes in.

Let’s see the benefits of outsourcing for SaaS!

1. Tackle updates and rewrites quickly

To deliver what the market wants when it wants, there needs to be real-time collaboration between engineering, product, sales, and marketing. Continuous delivery and deployment are extremely important. Involving engineers from South America means they can participate in agile ceremonies with the team, from planning to review, as they are nearly in the same time zone as the US and just a skype call or an easy plane ride away.

About 60% of the SaaS projects that UruIT has tackled involve rewrites or re-platforms. For the mature SaaS players, most have worked to update their platforms that had been built years ago with legacy technologies in order to compete with new market players. As technology evolves, in particular in web and cloud, velocity matters and product teams need experts in newer technologiesto supplement their in-house team. Many times, companies face growing pressures from stakeholders. To fulfill them, they need to set ambitious timelines for releasing new versions or entire new products. Therefore, working with a nearshore team is an efficient way to expend their time and budget.

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