Pick the Right Tech Conferences for You

A 5-step guide for defining our yearly events calendar

I’m currently in the USA to attend some tech conferences: the Nexus Conference by Nearshore Americas in New York and later, the MIT Symposium in Boston. Both of these events are great opportunities to learn about tendencies that are shaping the nearshore software development industry.

It’s the second time we travel to the USA this year. These trips as part of our strategy of keeping up with the latest software. Also, traveling allows us to connect with peers and build up our network in the tech industry. As you know, there are thousands of tech and innovation events taking place every year. For us, selecting the ones we’d like to attend in 2019 was the result of a strategic process that I’d like to share with you in this post.

Selecting the event that meets your business goal

The amount of conferences, symposiums, and all kinds of events happening from coast to coast is overwhelming. Especially if you are a CTO, CIO, or other executive who has to cope with several daily responsibilities along with being in the know and getting informed about your industry.

In order to make this decision more of a smooth and focused process, we’ve set up a 5-step guide for defining our yearly events calendar. That’s how, at the beginning of a new year, the Business Development team gets together and comes up with a plan to make the most of these experiences.

Take a look at how our process goes in the original blog post on picking tech conferences!

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