Stay in the know with these top UI/UX blogs

Where to find great UI/UX blogs and resources

A great user experience can set an app apart from others. That’s why we put a lot of effort in the UX/UI aspects of every project we undertake. If you feel the same way, you know it doesn’t matter if you are a designer, a developer, a tech lead, a PO or any other role within a software development project: user experience is a responsibility for us all.

Therefore, we decided to share interesting websites where anyone can find insightful and updated information about UX/UI concepts. To do that, we asked for the help of our own team members when discussing these topics: the Crafting team! Our designers Tatiana, Claudia, Juan, and Majo helped us to brainstorm this list of savvy UX blogs. You can follow them to be constantly informed and inspired.

Pick a website based on your goal!

  • Find out the latest news and trends
  • Get inspired and promote your creations
  • Participate in discussions to learn and exchange ideas
  • Discover experiences of other teams with UX

Read more about these goals and find out our recommended content to fulfill each one of them in the original post: UI/UX blogs and resources to follow.

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