36 ideas over the weekend for improving Visual Studio

We released WoVS last friday around mid-day. Since then, that is, only two days later, its Community section has received 36 different ideas for new VS features and improvements to existing ones. THIS IS JUST AMAZING!

Some of the more popular submissions so far are VS RoamingStack Overflow integration, and a built-in Chat!.

Even Scott Hanselman submitted an idea for changing the default VS built-in browser! Unfortunately it only received 5 votes so far... looks like Scott may need help from someone popular as me (!?) to help promoting his idea. So here it goes: please vote Scott's idea!

And while you're at it, browse the other ideas available and vote what you find interesting so they get implemented by Clarius (or anyone else!) sooner than later. If you feel brave enough, you can also submit your own idea too of course.

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 See you there!


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