Application running in localhost and debugging mode


Most of the time (If not all) when working on the project we view the website with the help of localhost in debugging mode. Many a times when working on some modules, for solving small problem, we want to write some code that should execute only when running in the localhost or debugging environment.

Normally developers would write the code and then take it as their responsibility to remove the code before the code goes to the next environment. But some time we might make a mistake of not removing the code and letting it go to the next environment, which can cause a lots of trouble.

In these kinds of circumstances and Asp.Net developer can take help of the IsLocal method of the Request class. The method will return true in case the application is running from localhost.

If (Request.IsLocal)
// Do task that should execute only when running in localhost.

To know if the application is running in the debugging mode, we can use the

If (HttpContext.Current.IsDebuggingEnabled)
// Do task that should execute only when Application is running in debugging mode.



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