10 Commandments of Mobile Development

I see all kinds of problems with mobile development and companies trying to do mobile development and I've boiled them down into my 10 Commandments of Mobile Development:

  1. Thou shalt realize that the mobile environment is a diverse ecosystem with many different devices and that cost of developing mobile applications can be large without a good plan.
  2. Thou shalt realize that mobile develop is different from desktop development.
  3. Thou shalt solve singular problems with mobile devices. Leave general purpose to the desktop.
  4. Thou shalt not take an existing desktop application and scale it down to a mobile device.
  5. Thou shalt realize that a mobile device does not have the same features as a desktop with multiple monitors, multiple cores, and 64 bit processors.
  6. Thou shalt realize that simulators are just that simulators and are not the "real thing."
  7. Thou shalt minimize keyboard input and keystrokes required.
  8. Thou shalt be efficient with power utilization. Do not do things because they are cool. Do things because they solve a problem, help the user, or provide value.
  9. Thou should look at asynchronous processing or threading to provide a responsive UI.
  10. Thou shalt not look too far down on web applications running on your device.

There, I think that about covers it

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