I finally "get" master pages in Whidbey, thanks to Bob

Sometimes, it takes a while to understand how to use something.  I have understood the concept of master pages in .NET Whidbey for a while, but I have always had problems trying to get them to work.  Well, doink on the head last night, I was able to get them to work.  I finally understand how they work and why they work now.  I “get” how the pieces come together.  There is a content control on the master page that holds where content goes.  On the visual page, there is also a content control which specifies the content control to use on the master page.  Make that connection, and Bob's your Uncle.  The part that I kept missing was the need to put the content control on the visual page and make the connection between the two.  Once I did that, it just worked (or at least appeared to).  One of the problems I had was that I was trying to put a master page interface into an existing web form.  To do that, it required some changes to the html that I had assumed that the visual designer would do for me. 



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