Win64 for x64? Wait till 2005

First Whidbey Beta 1 doesn't work with the build available on MSDN.  According to the newsgroups, it only works on this magical mystical build 1184 that only official testers have.

Then Yukon Beta 2 only works on a build after the magical 1184 build.

Now this, Win64 for x64 won't see the light of day till sometime next year as a released product.,1759,1628259,00.asp

What is someone to do with a AMD64 bit system that won't run Whidbey or Yukon.


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  • i'm in the same boat.

    i have an HP AMD64 server, and MSDN only had bld 1069 of Win2k3 64-bit up, and Yukon beta 2 requires bld 1207 and above.

    i've pinged some people at MSFT about it - looks like an oversight, and maybe they'll push out a new Win2k3 bld soon to synchronize.

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