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Lefty shot a 12 under par 59 at the Grand Slam of Golf.  While the course was relatively short by the stanards of the monster courses seen on today's golf tour, 59 is still 59.

My best golf score on my local course is a 76, which I shot in 1996.  My best score from a full length course that would standup to the professionals is an 83.  The difference between 59 and 83 is over a shot per hole.  Wow, that just shows how much difference there is between pro golfers and guys like me.  Right now, my golf game is in hibernation.



  • 59 is an incredible score on any professional-level course. I mean how many pros can you name that has shot a 59? Probably not too many. Michelson seems to finally be adapting to his new Callaway clubs.

    If he keeps on playing like this, Vijay Singh has somebody else to look for behind his back besides Tiger Woods or Ernie Els.

    Also, the difference between a full length course and a full length PGA course is vastly different. If you can shoot a 83 on your local 7,200 yd. course, you'd probably shoot in the 100's on any profesional level course. The speed of the greens alone would add at lease 10 shots to your score. Take into account the thicker rough and the narrower fairways, and you'll be hacking all day long.

  • If it wasn't the specific course I played, then I would agree with you. If I remember correctly, the rating for the tees that I played from at that course was 71.6 and the rating was 130. The par for that course is 70, so the average scratch player should shoot a 71.6. Obviously, this is probably still a little low for guys like Lefty, JV, and the high end pros. This is also the same course that has a US Open sectional qualifier each year with the average score around 72. Once again, I didn't play under those conditions. The difference between my 83 and his 59 is tremendous. Its almost 1.5 strokes per hole. And I thought I played pretty well that day. :-(


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