A Time to Reflect on some of my online friends

With the passing of 2004, I wanted to reflect on some of the people that I have met online through various groups such as MVP, AspInsider, working on book(s), and such.

  • Phil Winstanley.  For those of you that know Plip, there isn't much to say that you don't already know.  I've been looking at some of the first emails that I found of him in my copy of Outlook.  He and his quick witted British comments are hilareous.  BTW, he actually knows a few things to.
  • David Penton.  For that of you that know the Liberal, you know him well.  The funniest memory of David that I can mention in public is when we were at the MVP Summit in 2004 in Seattle.  David came into the Rock Bottom in Seattle and proclaimed for the world "The Liberal is here."
  • Scott Sargent.  Scott is just flowing with pure technology thoughts.  I love to talk tech with Scott.  He helps me with Oracle on the side.
  • Kent Tegels.  Kent, wow, what a great guy.  He has been so helpful with Sql Server 2k5.

There have been so many others that have been help, I might feel badly that if I started naming all of them I would leave someone out and have someone upset.  Since having someone upset with me has never bothered me, I'll just rattle off a few: Bob Beauchemin @ Developmentor, Niels Berglund @ Developmentor, Ben Miller @ Microsoft, Richard Ersek @ Microsoft, the WHOLE ASP.NET team @ Microsoft, Eli Robilard for trying to herd the AspInsider cats, Peter Blackburn in England, Francesco in San Diego, and numerous others.  BTW, I've met all these folks online and also talked with them on the phone.  I use the term "online friends" because that is the main mode to keep that communication going.

I hope that all of these people and you have a a great New Years and a Happy 2005.


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